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Mawio'mi of Tribes 

August 19th-21st,2016

Come on join us in Celebrating Mi'kmaw Culture and life in Northern Maine...

Please respect our event!
This is an Alcohol and Drug-free event...
****(Does not mean we are giving it away for free, it means Zero tolerance)****
Aroostook BAnd of MIcmacs accepts No Responsibility for Lost or Stolen Property, Accidents or Injuries.
Hot Summer days and nights are spent by the Mi'kmaq on the powwow trail leading up to the Aroostook Band of Micmacs Mawio'mi in Northern Maine. This marks the beginning of the end of summer powwows by traveling, Hop-scotching across a region or the different tribal or First nations in search of the next, best Powwow. For many First Nations and Native Americans, the Powwow trail is much more than just entertainment; it's a way to honor a spiritual connection to their ancestors.
The Mawio'mi or Powwow is a gathering of tribal people, all Mi'kmaw Powwow, or mawiomi, are social gathering that includes feasting, singing, dancing and drumming.
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